Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stevenson wins Day 1; Day 2 complete

Hello All,
The afternoon thunderstorms are really giving our internet service fits. About the time I want to sit down to write to you, a storm comes along and knocks things out.
This was a carbon copy of yesterday, which I haven't told you about, so: yesterday (day 1) featured assigned area tasks with a min time of 1.5 hours in both classes. Immediately after launch, a big thunderstorm was brewing over the high ground to the east-northeast, over the plateau. Once pilots got away from the airfield, conditions improved, after fighting through rain on the way to the first TP. Out on course, there were good thermal conditions and plans were made for long final glides back home. The storm finally moved through with very gusty winds which tore part of the roof off Tim Welles' camper!

Dave Stevenson wins the day with a speed of 116 kph. Congratulations to Dave!

So, today (Tue) was another hot one, with storms building even during our early (12:00) launch time. The tasking was again conservative, with a 1.75 hr assigned area task for the Club Class and 1.5 hrs for the World Class. Our team heads out at about the same time, sticking together during the first parts of the task. At Blayeiul, they separated taking different lines. Dave returned first, turning in a fast enough time for 15th on the prelim score sheet. Tim and Tim got stuck on L'ubac for a time but ended up crossing the finish line at exactly the same time and causing a near accident between Jan and myself as we hurried toward the two gliders!

This evening we look forward to the Italian cocktail party and another early night as we rest up for the next hot day. I hope for longer tasks and 1000 point days!

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