Friday, July 21, 2006

Day 6 underway

Hey Y'all,
Another hot one, sans cirrus clouds today. The tricky thing will be avoiding late afternoon storms in the northern part of the task area (the high ground). Things were pretty weak at first, with almost all of our pilots complaining of being below release altitude early on.

The tasks:
Club Class - Racing task 376.0 km. 107 Vinon Aero, 053 Luc En Dioi, 022 Castelon, 086 Serre Poncon, 125 Finish 20. This is another bow tie to the north zest, then on a southeasterly line, north to Serre Poncon, and home.

World Class - Racing task of 366.8 km. 123 Greoux, 075 La Roche Ram, 090 St. Andre Les something ( I only have the short names), 084 Savines and home. This is a kind of long dog leg to the northeast.

Yesterday was indeed challenging, but doable for both classes. At times there was alot of rock polishing - this alps should be pretty shiny with all of the polishing going on!Unfortunately, David landed out at Briançon Airport, but he did make dinner reservations for Meredith and Meghan at the apparently good airport restaurant. Good pilot!

Tim McA pulled off arespectablee 7th on the day w/ a speed of 91.8 kph, and Tim W made it home after getting stuck in "the right place that he thought was the wrong place," if that makes any sense. Good job Tims. Good Pilots!

In World Class, Pat and Francois placed 6 and 7 on the day, with speeds of about 74 kph vs. the French winner's time of 76 kph. They seem to be putting it together well and are moving up the overall scoresheet.

I am impressed at your restraint in the caption contest. In fact, no one has entered a caption at all, which I suppose should tell me something about the attractiveness of the contest. I will endeavor to take a more interesting or humorous pic in the next day or so.


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