Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 9 - July 24

Ooh La la! It is even hotter today than the previous days, when the temps have reached 40 deg centigrade and higher! That's more than 100, and I stop counting over 100.

Today's initial task was set but was changed on the grid due to storms over one of the turnpoints. So we ended up with the following:
Club Class - a 315.1 km racing task
Start, 124¨Pont de Manosque, 027 Chatillon, 026 Chateau Neuf, 086 Serreponcon.

World Class - a 274.0 km racing task
Start 123 Greoux, 084 Savines, 035 Digne, 087 Serres

Club Class has the trackers today, and Tim Mc has one, so if the system is working, you should be able to watch at

Yesterday was very exciting and challenging. The great forecast was a teeny bit off, or perhaps a great bit off, because big storms in the Durance Valley sucked up all of the energy in the area, leaving pilots in both classes to struggle at, or below, ridge height for long periods of time. Unfortunately, Dave landed out on his way to the third turn, Valensole, which is nw of here on the plateau. Tim and Tim both finished the task, although both struggled mightily to do so. On Tim W's way in, he called me on the radio once he figured he would indeed be making it home, saying simply "Order pizza now!"

Francois allso scraped his way home, reporting how far under glide scope he was during his final glide, but somehow making it and ending up in 4th on the day. Thank you to Nancy Snead for those worry beads you gavedottiee Pin a while back...she really used them yesterday. Pat almost squeaked it home, but landed out 1.7 km from the airport. His family was here to help out with this very manageable retrieve.

The 500 km task took longer than expected for most competitors, so we were seeing finishers anywhere from 7:30 to 9:00. Very late night!

Tomorrow has been cancelled for a safety break. A certain French pilot was complaining vigorously about this, as was another Team Captain, but it has been declared and looks like we can sleep intomorroww!!! Boy, do we need it.

Tonight is our US team party, which we're doing with the Germans and Austrians. The Germans brought 180 litres of beer, we are doing chili, and the Austrians have brought Mozartkugels, chocolate confections which look like trailer hitch covers. Should be fun, and I expect that the beer will be consumed with some vigor, since tomorrow is a rest day.

Quote of the day " Some of those pre-start gaggles resemble a demolition derby!" Pat Tuckey

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