Tuesday, July 11, 2006

After a long Practice Day

Hello All,
A long day yesterday (Monday)...There were practice tasks in both classes. The Tims (McAllister and Welles) flew the club task but also enjoyed some sightseeing, since it was a spectacularly clear day. They took a look at Mont Blanc from a fair distance and explored some new areas and practiced some transitions. Pat Tuckey flew the World Class task but got caught in contrary winds at Col de Cabre and achieved the distinction of having the first landout! Since Bogie, his crew, is still in Dallas (Personal note to Bogie: please hurry up and get here!) Jan, Tim W's crew and fellow PiWi pilot Paul from NZ trucked off to the landing field, about 1.5 hours away. Everything was fine, but it was a late night for them.

David Stevenson spent the day working on his glider and getting settled in.
Tim and Tim went through technical inspection last night with no major problems.

We had a near international incident when the Lithauanians parked their trailers in our tiedown area. A little diplomacy and discussion with the organizers took care of this after a few tense moments.

More news and pics - I promise - today.

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