Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 4 Underway

Day 3 was kind of  bummer for team EY. We got a boo boo on the ramp while towing in to the trailer, so we are out of the contest. But fortunately there are plenty of other things to do in this part of the world. So as we plan what to do next, today looks great with nice cumulus streeting off to the north east. Bah! But great for those who are out on task right now!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Elephant walk

Day 3 underway

The wind picked up out of the southwest just as we had gridded on runway 4, so we had an elephant walk to the other end so we could use 22. It was fairly howling by the time we started the launch at 13:20. It went very well, though. They're out on task and it's blue, but apparently good, since everyone got out of the start between 14:30-40. More soon!
elephant walking to rwy 22 now. task tat bryce 25 mi. richfield 20 mi. sulphurdale 5 mi. cedar city 15 mi

Day 2 Complete

So it was one of those dinner tonight, many pilots were saying things like "well, it was interesting," "a struggle," and "pucker factor high." A few either landed out (4 people) and around 6 didn't attempt the task. During the pre-start radio discussion, there was some support for the idea of abandoning the task. However, instead the task was just shortened, as I mobile-posted earlier. Tim made it around but finished 20-somethingth. Better than going aux vaches. Better than landing gear up, as our unfortunate trailer neighbor did today. Bah!

I did my crew-ly duties of laundry, taking three year old to the park, grocery shopping, laundry folding, etc. And visiting Dairy Freez (no 'e'). Good night from lovely Parowan airport!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few finishers - 17:40

A few are coming back, but according to SPOT tracking, a bunch of them must have started later. A couple of landouts and folks who didn't do the task. It's blue, windy from the west, and pretty warm - maybe 80 or so? But there's still a very dry, cool feeling to the breeze. A welcome change from muggy Texas!
How about 2.5 hrs for that task?
Task being shortened to 3 hrs drop last turn
Task 02 start b. 35 richfield 30 mi. 69 bryce canyon 20 mi. 45 beaver 20 mi. 77 exit 42 20 mi 3.5 hr min. nominal 272.73 mi
Launching the field into blue conditions. 3.5 hr TAT
Its cold in the camper this morn at parowan airport. front came thru abt sunset & has to be close to 40 now. well see what charlie has in store for the task.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16 day cancelled due to wind

Wind came up in the middle of the night and is increasing. Probably 20 gusting 30 now but gusts to 60 still predicted s. We're tying everything down and preparing for a crew day which means doing something to entertain the 3 year old. Susan

Day1 Complete

We had a good day (for the most part) at Parowan today. A very cool morning (40s) gave way to decent heating by early afternoon. The right time to leave on task? About 2:30. Just about everyone did. The task was a TAT for those of you following along 32 Kanosh Canyon, 74 PineValley Mountain and 44 Exit 95, 3 hour minimum. Our very fortunate former U.S. Teammate in France 2006 Tim Welles (W3) won the day. Lots of pilots seemed happier than usual at the end of the day. Nick Kennedy was heard repeatedly yahoo-ing and others echoed the senitment. By late afternoon it was actually hot - not Texas hot, but pretty hot, and breezy. Walt Cannon (a bona fide national weather service forecaster gave us some stong advice about tomorrow - we could see gusts up to 60 - yes - 60 miles per hour on Wednesday. Hope our camper won't take flight! I'd expect a no fly day tomorrow as a result...way too early for a rest day - darn! But we'll see at the meeting tomorrow.

Be sure to check out the spot tracking page during the afternoon to see how folks are doing.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tim is home safe. good day & good meal in the hangar.
pilots out on task. the race is on. getting windy, though.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Practice Day at Parowan underway

Hello from Parowan! It's finally cleared out and the gliders are on task. Nice cumulus. Time for a visit to the main street of town to check out the dairy freeze with DD.