Monday, July 17, 2006

Mudfest 2006 - Day 3

So we had another contest day today. The weather man figured we would have storms, but the task setter was optimistic? with a 222 km speed task for World Class and a 291.5 km speed task for Club. Things were hot on the ground here, but more difficult up north, where they were going. Unfortunately, Pat landed out near lac serre poncon. Shortly after Bogie left to get him, it started raining here...then it started pouring here for about an hour. I heard from Tim Welles, landed out safely, if not dramatically at the La Motte Chal. Altiport, which features a very sloped runway and is located on a mountainside. Then we heard Dave Stevenson was out at Serre. So The crews strained to hear Francois and Tim who were out there somewhere fighting through the rain. During the biggest downpour and lightning several finishers started to arrive in near zero visibility. Soon we saw Tim and Francois. Good job in terrible conditions.
We're waiting for Tim to return via aerotow and for Dave by trailer.

Here are a couple of the first pics.


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