Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 4 underway

Hey all or y'all as the case may be. I am sitting in the info office watching team captains turn in start times. The pre-start time is always such a chess game. On a day like today, with big tasks - club has a 405.4 km triangle racing task to 10 Beaurieres, 35 Digne, 17 Briançon; the World Class is on the way for a long out and return to Plampinet for 312.5 km. The weather looks pretty good, although it's always possible we'll see overdevelopment (by which I mean thunderstorms...sorry for the jargon) later this p.m. and very possibly in the mountains when the club class is at Briançon. Check out the meteoblue link to the right for the latest conditions.

Here are some of the pics I have been collecting:

At the morning briefing. Always looking at the map.

Tim Welles programming the task into his flight computer on 17 July.

Uli Schwenk (Germany) got really stuck in Lake Vinon during the Mudfest.

I am dealing with a computer problem, I think.

Here's Jan (crew for Tim W.) after being drenched on the muddy day.

More after I have a chance to upload what I took today.

I just heard that the Brittish team had a photo caption contest yesterday on their website I am going to look through my pics and see if we can do the same!

Be sure to drop us a note through the comment area below...we'd love to know how our 3 readers (excluding my parents and Aldo - Ciao!) are enjoying the reports!
More to come...


Rick Sheppe said...

Hi Susan!
Thanks for the great reporting. I read your blog every day at least once, and I always read it in advance of going to the official website, which seems a bit disorganized to me.

Good luck to both your teams, and keep up the good work!

Brian Glick said...


I can assure you that more that 3 people are reading your happening overseas. We are all very interested in cheering on the US guys. Tell all hello from PA.

Brian Glick

M. Finegan said...

Keep them coming! We're out here.

Anonymous said...


There's at least one follower in North Carolina. Thanks for the reports! Just keep them coming and write more!

And please ask DS to note all the tuning on his LS1 so that maybe I can transfer some of that info to my ship.

Please pass along my greetings and best wishes to all of the team.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that comment from North Carolina is from me, Ray Lovinggood

Mike Green said...

Thanks for the reporting Susan. Good luck to all.

mighty gorilla
Mike Green

Susan McAllister said...

Thanks, y'all!

Rand Baldwin said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your daily commentary.
Nice job.

Please convey my best wishes to everyone on the team.