Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 8 underway

So it is Competition Day 8/Day 9 of the contest. Possibly a mistral day. That means a northwest wing and much trickier conditions for those unfamiliar with the area. It is hot, the sky looks good, so we shall see how they do.

The tasks...
Club Class a 498.8 km racing task shaped like, well, a couple of triangles.
036 Embrun, 080 Saillans, 114 Valensole, 029 Col de Cabre

World Class is a 364.2 km racing task, bow tie shaped.
027 Chatillon, 116 Brunet, 105 Veynes

And yesterday, well it was a good day for some and a bad day for some. They aren't kidding when they say this is a game of skill AND chance.

Tim McA put a good flight together with 111 kph and 14th on the day. Unfortunately, Tim W. and David landed out, but fortunately, they were together. It was a long retrieve, and they didn't get home until after midnight.

Francois made it back as well, with a speed of 82.9 kph in 5th place on the day.
And Pat, there's a story there. He landed out near Sisteron, which should be a 45 min drive, right? Well, Bogie left yesterday, so Pat has a new crew - his nephew Jake. Jake is 18 and has never crewed before, but he had the directions and a map, and all of the phone numbers, and he seemed so confident...but he IS an 18 year old boy. So hours passed and no Jake. Then he arrived in Sisteron, but still couldn't find Pat. Eventually, about 9:30, they connected, and all was well. So a late night, but happy endings for all.



At camp, our typical pre launch gathering.

Sylvie, Meredith, David and Meghan.

Marina Galetto, one of the Stewards.

Dottie tries to keep Jan cool.

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