Monday, July 10, 2006

First Practice Days at Vinon

Finally back on the internet after a couple of days without. Tim Welles has been here for qa few days. Tim McAllister and I arrived on Friday. Pat Tuckey soon followed, and his PW-5 got here yesterday from Poland, so he spent most of yesterday working on it out in the sun. Did I mention it's pretty hot? Not Texas Soaring Hot, mind you, but very warm all the same.

The two Tims had a nice flight on Saturday - a tour of the mountains, nice conditions. Once we get the internet straightened out today, I plan to post the flight to the OLC so those who care can take a look.

David Stevenson arrived late last night; now we're just waiting for Fran├žois Pin and the team will be complete.

I'll post pics later...
Susan McAllister
10:00 am

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Susan,

I hope David arrived well at Vinon with our LS1. Please can you ask David the following things from me for the insurance of CI. We forgot this when he picked up the glider (too many things to do):
- total hours of gliding
- practise hours on this type
- the nr. of his gliding license(I think the nr. of the german one will be the best)

Many greetings from munich to all and good weather for the next days.