Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hello All.
Rest day, rest day, how I love my rest day!
Here is a quick report and then we are off to swim.

The weather was once again not as forecast, with rain showers headed into and out of the first turn for Club class (Luc en Diois). It was a pretty straight racing task from there. I was happy because all of our pilots got home in time for our joint party with Germany and Austria. Lots of German beer flowed freely, the chili we served was eaten all up, and I never even saw the Austrian chocolates because they were scarfed up quite rapidly!

Club Class results from yesterday...
Tim Welles 26th speed: 99.8
Dave Stevenson 28th speed: 97.3
Tim McAllister 31st speed: 96.1

In World Class, Pat tied for 4th on the day with a speed of 97.5 kph and Francois was 8th with 96.0 kph. They were pleased with their team flying today.

So I am out of here and will talk to you manana!

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