Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day of Rest - July 18

After yesterday's excitement, it was kind of a relief to hear from the CD that he expected to have a rest day today. With strong thunderstorms predicted again (starting to sound familiar?) the task was indeed cancelled at the 10:30 pilots' meeting. We busied ourselves with cleaning yesterday's mud off of gliders and other housekeeping tasks.

A few notes from yesterday's landouts: Pat Tuckey ended up in a field near Espinases, which is by Lake Serre Poncon. Immediately, he met a nuber of locals, including a glider pilot, a woman who wanted to "show her baby" the glider, and a guy in a motorized whelchair who seemed to be berating Pat about his ability to walk...all in French!

Tim Welles ended up at the 'Altiport' of LaMotte Chalencon with the German pilot Matthias Sturm. During the hours of waiting for an aero retrieve, the tow kept each other company. Tim took the second tow because he could communicate the wing running instrutctions in French to the airport caretaker who had to run the wing downhill. Everything went fine, and after im returned to Vinon, Matthias's 5 yr old son was waiting with a cold German Bier for Tim...very cute!

We did have a 1000 point day in Club Class, with 21 of 39 completing the task. In World Class, the day was devalued to arounf 700 points, with 7 of 19 completing the task.
And the weather, well, we'll see. We need to get out of this pattern, but I don't know when that will happen.
More news soon,

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