Thursday, July 13, 2006

2:30 on Thursday

It's another hot day in Vinon on this last practice day. The weather forecaster predicted early overdevelopment with storms, so many pilots decided not to fly today, and no task was called. However, the forecast was quite wrong. It's hot, with nice cumulus and no major overdevelopment here yet. So it goes...a 300k day, perhaps? Tim Welles is the only U.S. pilot who is flying today, and we expect to see a big smile on his face when he returns.

Last minute glider tweaking, gap sealing, and various errands are taking up most of our time this afternoon.

Tonight will be the first team captains' meeting, and tomorrow, Bastille Day, is our opening ceremony. Then we get going on Saturday.

More soon,


Anonymous said...


Please give my regards to W3!

David Ridding
Sometime W3 Crew

mhwelles said...

Tell brother Tim that "no surprise he's flying today" and thank you for the picture of Barre des Ecrins!! from Brother Michael.