Sunday, July 06, 2008

And then we rested

Here's what we did on the rest day today - almost nothing! It was great. We had been flying for 7 straight days including practice days, so I was ready for a break. We had a leisurely breakfast and headed out for a nearby lavender farm...yes, you heard correctly...a lavender farm in the volcanic rock countryside of northern California. It was very nice to wander through the rows and harvest a bunch of lavender for myself.

The flying has been pretty good considering the heavy smoke (see Tim's blog for more about that). He has been very frustrated with winpilot, which is known as a good program, but he has never used it before. This has made for many errors, some of which have cost him points. But if you aren't looking at the scoresheet, as he claims not to be, this shouldn't be a problem, right?

Any way, he is having fun flying the Sparrowhawk. The baby is having fun watching that firebomber and visiting her favorite tow planes. She is partial to the yellow husky for some reason.

The weather looks to be heating up into the 100s for the next few days. We'll let you know how they turn out...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sports Class Nationals Day 1

Hi Everyone!
It's blogging time again - from the Super 8 in Yreka, California where it’s hot and smoky as all get out. Not smoky from the two dozen truckers who have their rigs parked out in the lot. I mean smoky like smoky the bear (only you can prevent forest fires and you really fell down on the job because now much of northern california is burning smoky).

We were lucky enough to have Greg & Neva Cole offer Tim their personal sparrowhawk to fly in this contest. It’s different from other gliders. First of all, it is yellow, like a flower or a ray of sunshine. Second, it weighs 215 lbs empty. This vs. the SZD 55 we have at home which weighs 499 lbs dry. It’s kind of like a pocket glider, or a ‘fun size’ glider, you know, like those mini candy bars. Tim has been enjoying it so far. Unfortunately he found himself calling me on the cell phone from someplace called Butte Valley about 5:45 this evening. Oh well!

The baby is enjoying watching all of the gliders and airplanes. She often points at gliders and says ‘da da’ which is either cute or sad depending on your point of view.

More later –