Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28 called due to rain - This WGC is complete

Hey all,
We knew that rain storms were coming today, just not when. Everyone went ahead and gridded, although you could see the bad weather coming our way. By 12:00, the day had been cancelled, and everyone hurried to de-rig and put away everything before the storms came It really rained hard ( although not as hard as the day of "Mudfest") and it was definitely the right call!

Results from 7/29 and overall

Club Class
Tim McAllister 36th on the day, 23rd overall
Tim Welles 29th on the day, 31st overall
David Stevenson 25th on the day, 34th overall
*A note: Tim McA had a really tough flight and was ucky to get home at all. As his crew person, I thank him for a landout-free contest!

World Class
Pat Tuckey 6th on the day, 11th overall
Francois Pin 8th on the day, 5th overall

These pilots are to be commended for their quick study of the flying in this region. It is a very steep learning curve, and all did very well at it. This was also a very strong field, containing many of the best pilots from Europe and around the world. No slouches here! So you should be proud of our boys as I am.

The incredible heat and number of hours flown made this a real endurance test, both physically and mentally. I enjoyed my time in France, although it kind of reminded me of time in Uvalde or Hobbs. The food was pretty good (even Flunch) and of course the camraderie was great. So, tonight is the final party, with the closing ceremony tomorrow morning. Then Tim and I wil be off like a shot heading back to Schwabia and on a plane to Russia Sunday morning.

The adventure continues...stay tuned!

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