Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27 - Day 11 underway

Hey y'all-
It is day 11...Regis, our competition director can be smug now...he promised us 10 flying days, and lo and behold, we have achieved 10 days.

Another hot one! The tasks for today are:

Club Class an assigned area task of 3 hours with a min distance of 311.3 km.
124 Start - pont de manosque, 053 Luc en Diois (30 km) , 064 Moustiers (20km), 017 Briancon (30 km)

Tim McAllister has a vpos tracker - if it works is another question.

World Class also has an assigned area task of 2:45 hours and a min distance of 213.4 km.
123 Start Greoux, 043 Jausiers (30 km), 027 Chatillon (30 km)

Yesterday's results
Club Class
Dave S. - 16th 88.8 kph
Tim McA 17th - 89.3 kph
Tim W 30th - landed out near our hotel La Pigette, safe and sound, but just lacking the altitude to make it home to Vinon.

World Class
Francois and Pat both landed out. Unfortunately, Francois had problems with his outlanding and the glider couldn't be repaired in time for this morning. After discussions with the comp director, it was decided that he could fly the glider that Paul of NZ had originally been flying. Lucky! So there was a purpose, although not readily apparent, for Paul's injured acchilles tendon after all.

With the forecast looking less than promising for tomorrow, this could be our last racing day. I will keep you suitably informed.

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