Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Midday on Wednesday

Hello Everyone!
We had another hot day (100° plus), with great flying conditions on Tuesday. The CD, Regis Kuntz has been calling Vinon the French Namibia, and although I have never visited that African land, I can believe that Vinon could actually be hotter and dustier. It kind of makes Uvalde, and definitely Dallas, seem cool. Or maybe I am just suffering from heat stroke!

Anyway, finally, everyone is here! Francois and Dottie Pin arrived yesterday with their German PW-5 in tow. He has already gone through technical inspection, so we only have Dave Stevenson to go this morning.

Yesterday, Tim and Tim flew the task, which you can see on the official site Tim McA placed 7th of 12 and Tim W. was 9th. They both had good flights up in the alps. We had our first dinner together followed by our first team meeting. There are still many logistics to work out...cell phone SIMM cards to buy, antenna connectors to scrounge, and various electronic problems to solve. We are getting things sorted out and should be ready by Saturday.

The WX today doesn't look as good as the last two days, although it should still be good. The practice task will be a 1.5 hour Assigned Area Task ( like our TAT) to the northwest and northeast. There's already alot of vertical development on the Lure Mountain, not usually a good sign for long flying tasks.

Here are some pics as promised...

Lake Serre de Ponçon, north of Vinon, leaving the high mountains onto the Parcours.

Tim Welles having made the traverse from Pic de Burre transitioning into the high mountains of Les Ecrains, headed for the Pas de Cavalle and Briançon. Looking north towards Grenoble.

The high route from the northern Dormilouse (there are 2 mountains with this name) towards the south and home. Vinon is in the direction of the far away clouds in the left of the picture, about 80 plus miles away.

Pics by Tim McAllister, on July10.

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