Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Preparing for 2006 Worlds

As Team Captain, one of my jobs (and one of the most fun) is writing daily reports during the contest. I will do my best to keep you all updated at least twice a day as internet service permits.

Here are all of the details about the Championship:

4th Club Class World Gliding Championships
5th World Class Gliding Championships

Location: Vinon, France, which is just south of Saint-Auban, in Haute Provence.

Dates: July 8 - 29
Unofficial Practice Days: July 8-9
Official practice: July 10-13
Opening Ceremony (no flying): July 14 (Bastille Day!)
First Contest Day: July 15
Last Contest Day: July 28
Closing Ceremony: July 29

U.S. Team Roster

Club Class

Tim McAllister
David Stevenson
Tim Welles

World Class
Francois Pin
Pat Tuckey

If you are a competition pilot, you know how much 'stuff' has to come with you to a sailplane race: your loggers, batteries, a computer with See You, wing tape, radios, etc., etc. Now think about taking all of this on the road and across the ocean. It does require some special planning! There's also lots of prep work to do - forms and registration, finding gliders to rent, reserving affordable and appropriate places to stay, finding cars with a trailer hitches, and learning about the competition area. After many moths of prep, we are almost there.

Be sure to check out the links to the official WGC site and other fun links as I find them...
Susan McAllister
27 June 2006