Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 10 Day 4 underway

Saturday 2:45 pm
We have blue sky, some cumulus clouds, warm temps, and day four is underway! The task is a 294.5 km pair of triangles to the north. You can watch the live tracking, but since there are only 10 VPos units here, you can't see Tim or Chip. But you can get the general flavor of the race.

Chip came back first yesterday and for a second we thought he might have won the day. But unfortunately he had bailed out of the task. Many landed out, including Tim (pic at right). Because I had hurt my leg and had never taken apart an LS-6 before, we had to round up someone to help me with the retrieve. Eventually Michele from the French Team's technical service was recruited to ably assist us. When Tim's flight was scored this morning, he was just a hair out of 9th place for which he would have earned one point. Oh well!

My leg is feeling better after resting and applying various salves to the injured area. I have handed off the wing running duties to others, though.

Today the Salon de Saint Auban is in full force. No, it's not a hair salon. It's a show of various sailplanes and light planes, combined with an air show which is going on right now. Here are a few pics of what's on display.

Clockwise from top left: The Antares electric motorglider, The Taurus, and the new Discus 2 C.

The pilots are now getting low in the same area where everyone struggled yesterday - near serre poncon. Stay tuned to the official site for details. I am going out to watch the airshow...

P.S. Tiny gliders!

P.P.S. Renee Fontin, one of the officials here, has a French moment.

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