Friday, September 02, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hello from hot southern France. For the past two days it has been really hot, like 90's and very good soaring conditions. But did I mention it is hot? We spent the last two days getting the glider outfitted - the tow out kit, locating the trailer which is confusingly marked "EI" when the glider is Z2 - this sort of thing.
Today's practice task was a 362 km polygon with 5 points ranging throughout the task area. Many pilots did the task. 110 La Roche de Rame, 2 Aiguines, 76 Cousson, 55 Col de Cabre, 182 Rocher St. Jean. At the Cousson turnpoint, the altitude was capped to allow for filming by the TV crew. This was generally well received by the pilots. Chip Garner's glider carried the in-cockpit TV cameras today as well.
The flight tracking crew from Silent wings/VPOS arrived from Norway last night. They gave Tim a single tracker to cary today. He had experience with this for several days at the Club Class WGC in Norway last summer. So, I spent the afternoon in the meeting hangar watching "Tim TV" as his was the only glider being tracked live.
Tomorrow is the final practice day and we will begin the contest on Sunday.
Sorry, no pictures today! It has been too hectic to take pics!
P.S. Those of you who know me will find it particularly funny to note that I have a case of Laryngitis and have been instructed not to talk. A difficult task!

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