Monday, September 05, 2005

Sept 5 Cancelled due to rain

At our 12:45 meeting, it was clear that the weather would probably not support any meaningful task today, so the day was cancelled. All the pilots then met with Competition Director Roland Stuck to discuss altering the rules regarding the start. Ideas to maximize safety as well as viewer friendliness were discussed, such as a speed limit, a different length of start line, different altitudes for the "line," and eliminating all restrictions on height and speed crossing the line. We believe we have all come to an agreement to keep the mandatory, limited altitude start line for purposes of spectator-friendliness but to raise it to 1500 meters MSL from 1400 meters MSL, to mandate all gliders be "behind" (relative to the first task leg) the start line during the two minutes prior to the opening of the line (again for spectator-friendliness), and to require all competitors to cross the start line at no more than @ 170 km/hr no higher than 1500 meters MSL. The pilots all agree that these small changes to the start rules will enhance safety while proving the concept of the regatta start and its ability to enhance spectator appreciation of this new form of glider racing.

We found out there's a new feature on the official website where you can run up to 3 flights from the previous day in a simultaneous view. Check it out using the link at right.

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