Monday, May 15, 2006

Rainy days at Mifflin

I am awfully tired of writing reports like this, but here goes: I am at Mifflin County Airport, one of the best places to attend a contest in the world, and it is raining and about 55 degrees. I am in the meeting hangar watching glider pilots busy themselves with everything they can think of to satisfy their competitive or aviation urges. Hank Nixon is building an electric aerobatic model airplane. At least 6 - 8 people are sitting around telling stories and watching Hank work. Others are playing ping pong, chess, and foozball.

Yesterday a couple of people got in local flights during breaks in the rain. I'm only here until Thursday, and the outlook continues to look, well, not good. So we're waiting for tonight's dinner and pilots meeting...maybe going quilt shopping, maybe going to a movie.

More news later!

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