Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its cold in the camper this morn at parowan airport. front came thru abt sunset & has to be close to 40 now. well see what charlie has in store for the task.

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Hawes said...

My name is John Ackerson and I am coming to Parowan on Saturday to crew for Sarah Kelly. I am in the market for a new glider and one on my list is the 55-1. I am very tall and have not been able to find one in Utah to sit in to see if I fit. Could I bribe you to talk to Tim to see if I could sit and see his 55 not that he is planning to sell or anything? I am coming Friday night and could swing by Wal-mart or Smiths food if you need any supplies or food from the big city. I will be there Friday night or Saturday morning. Good luck with the race. I hope today is not to blue. Thanks.
Cell 801-691-4706