Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 2 Complete

So it was one of those dinner tonight, many pilots were saying things like "well, it was interesting," "a struggle," and "pucker factor high." A few either landed out (4 people) and around 6 didn't attempt the task. During the pre-start radio discussion, there was some support for the idea of abandoning the task. However, instead the task was just shortened, as I mobile-posted earlier. Tim made it around but finished 20-somethingth. Better than going aux vaches. Better than landing gear up, as our unfortunate trailer neighbor did today. Bah!

I did my crew-ly duties of laundry, taking three year old to the park, grocery shopping, laundry folding, etc. And visiting Dairy Freez (no 'e'). Good night from lovely Parowan airport!

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