Friday, May 10, 2013

Making our way to Mifflin County

As our family makes the "hard shift" from rowing coaching season to soaring season, we are excited about returning to Mifflin County Airport in central Pennsylvania for the Sports Class Nationals. Practice Days are May 10-11 and the contest runs May 12-21. 

If you have never been to Mifflin, you are certainly missing out! Not only is the ridge flying superb, but the people, scenery, and down-home food are wonderful. Tim has already sampled some of the famous pie from Harry Leach's food truck (apple) and I heard that a world-famous pilot enjoyed not one but two pieces of rhubarb custard. 

The weather today was rainy enough that it was a head to the grocery store rather than fly kind of day. Saturday may also be rainy, so we will likely start the contest with zero practice days. Oh well. I imagine that the local farmers are happy that the glider pilots have brought the rain as usual.

More news soon.

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