Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 21 Contest Day 3

Today is the third contest day and we are getting ready for launch. The weather looks nice again, so we'll see what the day brings. The only way is up for Tim, who had a tough day yesterday - but clawed his way home in true Tim fashion.

One of the funny things about this area is how early everything closes. We walked to the town last night after 8 pm to get an ice cream and found everything except the one pub to be closed! Most dinner places close at 6:00. You have to be organized to get your dinner. Our hotel does serve later, so we're getting fed, never fear!

Tonight is the Biscuits Bark Up at the same local pub. This annual event brings together local sheepdogs in a comp to see how loud they can bark. I am thinking of entering the baby. She is pretty loud sometimes!


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